Your way to i.a.c. - Diver

Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

i.a.c. Open Water Diver

For sure you have asked yourself already what can be found below the water surface. Why don’t you find out for yourself? This course is your start into the underwater world!

During the i.a.c. Open Water Diver training you will learn the foundations of scuba diving. You will start your training in the swimming pool or comparable confined water site. This is followed by training in open water in the ocean or lake nearby. At all times, you will be provided the necessary background information in time to the actual training.


proof of personal swimming skills

a valid medical statement of fitness for diving

be at least 14 years old

Academic (Theoretical) training

Dive equipment

Diving physics

Dive tables and computers

Dive medecine

First aid, CPR

Diving environment

Practical training(Pool and open water)

Assembly of the diving equipment

Submerging and surfacing


Pressure equalization

Mask clearing

Diving regulator recovery

And much more …