Our licences for sports and leisure diving

Dive Leader

Dive Leader

Dive Leader

The Dive Leader level is the highest in recreational diving and the steppingstone towards becoming a diving instructor. As certified Dive Leader you are qualified to dive with beginners. As such you do take a considerable amount of responsibility and act as link between the diving instructor and the student.


Master Diver or CMAS** certification 
be at least 18 years old 
a valid medical statement of fitness for diving
have 65 logged dives (log book!) of which at least 10 have to be up to depth of 30 m to 40 m
deep diving specialty
diving security and rescue specialty
night diving specialty
first aid or CPR/O2/AED certification

Academic (theoretical) training

Repetition/consolidation of the CMAS** or Master Diver knowledge
Relevant diving laws and regulations
Diving equipment
Physics of diving
Diving medicine
Psychological aspects of diving
Dive planning and management
Assessment of the environmental/situational conditions
Diving with inexperienced divers

Practical training

60 sec. breath hold (static), 45 m distance diving (dynamic), 10 m deep dive (CWT)
Snorkeling for 60 min covering a distance of at least 1500 m
Snorkeling a distance of 150 m followed by a dive to a depth of 7,5 m to a waiting scuba diver which needs to be transported (lifted) to the surface
Secure (tying) a rope in 5m depth
Group management with beginners
Speed controlled ascent without fins
Safe completion of a dive with one’s octopus used by a second diver
Set and recovery of a Boje
Diving a defined compass course
Night diving
First aid in conjunction with accidents on water