Your way to i.a.c. - Dive leader

Open Water Instructor/CMAS TL*

Open Water Instructor (CMAS-Instructor*)

Fascinate your students and introduce them to a new world!

Training content

This course will expand your diving skills and knowledge foundation in both the academic (theory) and practical dimension.

During your academic (theory) training you will not only deepen your existing knowledge and understanding about diving but you will also learn new skills that will help you train your students in an optimal way.
As part of the continuous improvement process of these presentation and teaching skills you will be asked to hold several live teaching demonstration lessons. During such lessons you can show that you have not only understood the respective teaching topic, but can also appropriately convey the respective information in a professional way.

During the practical part of your training at least 6 training dives will be conducted. Perfect demonstrations of the respective in water skills as well as demonstration of respective rescue skills and scenarios on Instructor Level are key for this part of the training.

Successful completion

After successful assessment of your theoretical knowledge (final exam) and a positive overall appraisal you will be certified as i.a.c. Open Water Instructor / CMAS Instructor*.
You are eligible to train and certify the following scuba diving courses:

i.a.c. Open Water Diver / CMAS*
i.a.c. Advanced Open Water Diver, if you have absolved additional respective training and are eligible to teach and certify the diving specialties: CPR training, Underwater Orientation/ Navigation as well as Diving Leadership plus two additional specialties of your choice.

To enhance your portfolio, you may at any time attain teaching certifications for additional diving specialties.


- Be at least 18 years old
- Be certified as an i.a.c. Basic Instructor or equivalent
- A valid medical statement of fitness for diving
- Proof of accompanying or assisting with Scuba diving training for beginners
- A valid Diving Instructor general liability insurance
- Have 120 logged dives (log book!)

We recommend all candidates to participate in the respective Open Water Instructor preparatory week to prepare for the respective Open Water Instructor Final exam in an optimal way. During this week, all aspects of the final exam will be practiced intensively.