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Master Instructor

Master Instructor (CMAS -TL**)


Training content

Are you interested to train and certify your customers up to professional diving level? Then to qualify yourself as i.a.c. Master Instructor is absolutely the right thing for you!

Not only the academic (theory) training for respective advanced courses will be more comprehensive but also the practical training requirements for the instructor do increase.

Your strong knowledge will become even more comprehensive and complete. You will be able to deliver profound explanations and assist your customers as Mentor for their respective questions and knowledge build up.

Also your practical skills will be assessed. Consequently you will perfect (master) them to become a true role model. As such you will not only be able to make the training of your customers as safe, but also as clear and demonstrative as possible.

Successful Completion

After successful qualification you will be certified as i.a.c. Master Instructor / CMAS Instructor**.As such you can train and certify in addition the i.a.c. Master Diver, Dive Leader & Dive Leader Professional levels.


  •  Be at least 20 years old
  •  Be certified as an Open Water Instructor / CMAS Instructor* with at least 12 month professional experience on national or international level
  •  A valid medical statement of fitness for diving
  •  Be certified and have handed in proof for teaching at least two diving specialties
  •  A valid Diving Instructor general liability insurance
  •  Have 220 logged dives of which at least 100 need to be logged since achieving Open Water Instructor level (log book!)