Your way to i.a.c. - Dive leader

Instructor Trainer

Instructor Trainer (CMAS - TL***)

Train new Diving Instructors

Training Content

The final step in your in your professional diving career is to reach the Instructor Trainer level. 

As part of your corresponding training, you will receive detailed information about the i.a.c. and RSTC. In addition you will get to know the international partners of the i.a.c. worldwide network.

Further points of your training will cover the personal development and coaching of applicants as well as the familiarization with the i.a.c. training philosophy.

The practical part of your training covers the complete Instructor qualification process. You will demonstrate all necessary exercises, routines and skills. In addition you will be able to motivate the applicants and become aware of your position as role model.

Successful Completion

After successful qualification of your Instructor Trainer (IT) seminar, you will be welcomed as a new partner to the i.a.c. trainer team. As such you can independently train and certify i.a.c. Basic Instructors.


  • Have 500 logged dives (log book!)
  • Be at least 23 years old
  • A valid medical statement of fitness for diving
  • A valid Diving Instructor general liability insurance
  • Have at least 50 certifications
  • Proof of work shadowing at least one i.a.c. Instructor Qualification Training
  • Be certified as an i.a.c. Master Instructor / CMAS Instructor** with at least 12 month professional experience on national or international level