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Freediving Instructor

Freediving Instructor

With only One Breath into a New World

Training Content

Already for millennia humans are diving without breathing apparatus into the depth of the oceans. In many cases this was job related to bring back goods from the underwater world. Out of this hard and dangerous profession a sporting trend has developed itself.

As part of your instructor class you will learn relevant relaxation exercises, breath control and immersion techniques that are highly relevant for the area of freediving. 

Successful completion

The i.a.c. Freediving program is designed in a modular way. Here the focus is on relaxation but also those that want to practice freediving as a competitive sport will get their money’s worth. After successful completion you may train and certify up to Freediver** level.


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be an i.a.c. Instructor or Freediver***
  • A valid medical statement of fitness for diving
  • A valid Diving Instructor general liability insurance