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Crossover zum i.a.c. Instructor

Broaden your Horizon

Training Content

The crossover is the quickest way to become an i.a.c. instructor. You are already an instructor with a recognized diving certification agency and would like to crossover into the i.a.c. team? Then get registered now!

Successful Completion

After successful qualification following our 2-day crossover training, you will be certified as Open Water Instructor (OWI), Advanced Open Water Instructor (AOWI) or Master instructor in line with your existing qualification level. Dependent on the instructor certification level reached, you may train and certify from the Basic Diver level all the way to the Dive Leader Professional.


  • Be at least 18/21 years old
  • Valid instructor license from a recognized diving certification agency 
  • A valid medical statement of fitness for diving
  • A valid Diving Instructor general liability insurance